Yiddish: אָ ,ע pronunciation

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אָ as [o] in an open syllable and [ɔ] in a closed syllable but ע as [ɛ] consistently?

From the alef-beys video here:

Yiddish Alphabet Video | Yiddish Book Center

Am I hearing that right? If so, is it a mixture of Western and Eastern traditions? If not, is it Western or Eastern, and how come it/the corresponding Ashkenazi Hebrew case isn't mentioned in any of the following sources:

anywhere on the YIVO website except for their own alef-beys audio?
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    I'm not sure I follow. Normally vowels are always different in close vs open syllables, but that's phonetic and not phonology. What am I missing?


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    We've answered this question in various forms a million times for you already. Please stop asking it.
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