Yiddish: B'SHEVER


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Hi. :) I've been listening to a song by a group called 'THE CHEVRA', called 'CHAI'.

I know what that means... but there's a Hebrew word in there when singing a certain verse to HaShem in English, & I'd like to know what that word means. The verse goes...

Oh, High & Mighty... forever Holy... the one & only ***B'SHEVER***...

I don't know if I spelled it right... but ***B'SHEVER*** is what it SOUNDS like.

Can anyone tell me what it means?
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    Thank sooo MUCH, origumi! That's been bothering me for a while now. :D I wish I knew where to get English lyrics for their songs. I love to listen to them. I understand a little Hebrew so I can tell SOMETHING about what someone's saying when they're talking... but not all of it.
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