Yiddish: Clara, Klara


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I would like to know how the name Clara / Klara is spelled in Yiddish.
I think that it is קלאַראַ but among this one I have seen other ways to write it on the Internet:
קלארה, קלארע

As fas as I know, ע is pronounced "e" and ה is not used for the sound "a" in general but as I have seen these other ways to write this name I have a doubt.

Could anyone please tell me?

Thanks! :)
  • Foygl

    I would write it like you did, קלאַראַ. However, the vowels are not always marked, so קלארא would do the job as well. Most names can be spelled in various ways in most languages, and it is the same in Yiddish. So you just have to pick the one you like the best.
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