Yiddish: Di katz hot lieb fish ober zi wil nit di fis aynetzn

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    Please help me with the correct notation (in the Jewish script) of two Yiddish proverbs I heard from my grandmother when I was a kid. I never learned to read or write Yiddish or Hebrew, but my grandparents spoke Yiddish, so I can remember some words and phrases. Among them, there are two proverbs that I need to write down now:
    • Di katz hot lieb fish ober zi wil nit di fis aynetzn.
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    If you want to help me, please, type the correct notation as plain text in Jewish script, not as an image. I am not able to re-type Jewish letters from an image, so I need a text that I can select, copy and paste elsewhere.
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    Hello! / A gitn!

    Here is the sentence how I would spell it using the "Yivo" orthography:
    די קאַץ האָט ליב פֿיש אָבער זי וויל ניט די פֿיס אײַננעצן
    And here is how I spell it for Hasidic communications:
    די קאץ האט ליב פיש אבער זי וויל ניט די פיס אייננעצן
    (Transliteration for both sentences: di kats hot lib fish ober zi vil nit di fis aynnetsn

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