Yiddish: halten kreykitz


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From tv series<The Deuce>,
Harvey - This business is set to make three hundred million dollars in retail next year, I want a taste.
Candy - Okay, so why don't you lower the prices for the convention?
Harvey - No profit, we make it up in volume.
Candy - Hey, halten kreykitz already.
Harvey - Geviss.
They're at a convention for pornography.
Anyone know what "halten kreykitz" means? I know gevis means sure in Yiddish.
Thank you.
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    I don't know squat about Yiddish, but I know German. Based on the context, it might mean shut up. It reminded me of German expressions like Halt(e) die Klappe/das Maul/den Mund, meaning shut up/shut the f*** up, and the like. Moreover, I think there is a mistake in the Yiddish, as halten is most likely an infinitive, not an imperative form.


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    Not sure a knowledge of German will help us here. Yiddish grammar can be very different from (literary German) Grammatik: der Imperativ
    • halt (du)
    • halten wir
    • haltet ihr
    • halten Sie
    • halte (du)
    • halten wir
    • haltet ihr
    • halten Sie
    Shabbes halten means “To keep the Sabbath”
    Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal (playing Candy) is from a Jewish family, so presumably if she didn’t know how to say something correctly she could find out from someone in her family circle easily enough.
    Kreynen is to crown, but kreykitz I have no idea. “A krey, a krey” is “cock a doodle doo”. “Kitz” is like we might say to call a cat. “Kitty” Perhaps in the context of pornography it has a different meaning.
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