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I was just wondering how you pronounce this. I have been saying it simialr to michele but I'm sure that's incorect. I love the look of the word and I understand it means Kitten.

Thanks for your help.
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    I am a bit surprised about the transliteration. The word is קעצעלע which should normally be transcribed "Ketsele". Apparently "Ketschele" pertains to a variant pronunciation which seems to exist too. I give you both:
    Ketsele ['kεtsələ]
    Ketschele ['kεtʃələ]


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    Just a little remark/warning: You know that the word קאצ ("Kats", "cat") or its diminutive קעצעלע ("Ketsele", "kitten", "small cat") also means lover/mistress/affair?

    There is a Yiddish joke. To understand it you have to know that in Yiddish (and also German) to same something is "for the cat" (קאץ in Yiddish, "Katz" in German) means it is useless, wasted money and afford. The joke: A man buys an expensive diamond necklace. A friend sees this and says: "This is for the cat". Answers the man: "Of course, or do you think it is for my wife???".
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