Yiddish: meshugas/mishegas

Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by ndisdabest, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. ndisdabest New Member

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    I've been looking for how to properly spell this word for quite some time -- I'm thinking it might be a Yiddish term, but I really have no idea. I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE.

    It's pronounced "mij-ah-gots" and means something like "a disaster" or maybe "chaos." For example:

    When the train crashed, the scene looked like a total migigatz(sp?).

    Can anyone help?
  2. jinti

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    Maybe meshugas/mishegas? It means craziness or madness. (Yes, it's Yiddish, so maybe the Spanish-English forum isn't the best place for our discussion. ;))
  3. ndisdabest New Member

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    Interesting, I'll have to look into that. And yeah, I know I put it in the wrong forum...my bad there.
  4. galil46 New Member

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    it comes from the Hebrew word 'meshuga' which means crazy person
  5. panjabigator

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    I believe I've heard the word "meshugana" before. Is it related?
  6. Flaminius

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    Meshugener (I adopt the most general spelling I have encountered) is a Yiddish noun meaning "crazy one," which is derived from meshuga (adjective; Yiddish, ultimately from Hebrew) and the suffix -er.
  7. ilbisaac Member

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    Meshugas or mishegas

    interesting to note, also, the normal use of "meshuge."
    a משוגעים־העמדל is a straightjacket (meshugo'im hemdl)

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