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Hi everybody!

I know that it means way, manner and so on, but apparently it has other sense, too. I've heard phrases such as Oyfn hoyz..., Oyfn shul..., Oyfn oyto..., etc.

Am I wrong? Please, help me out!

Thank you in advance
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    I don't speak Yiddish, yet I can try.

    It seems that two different words are mixed here:
    * One means to open, as in German offen. Thus "open house", "open school", "open car" in your examples.
    * The other comes from Hebrew ofen and means way, manner.


    German (Germany)
    It is a contraction of oyf den = on/upon the (אױפן < אױף דען) in dative or accusative, German equivalent is auf dem (dative) or auf den (accusative).

    Example (from a song):
    אױפן װעג שטײט א בױם (Yiddish, in Aramaic letters)
    Oyfn Veg shteyt a Boym (Yiddish, Latin transcription)
    Auf dem Weg steht ein Baum (German)
    On the way there is a tree.
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