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    Hi everybody!
    I am translating a book from French and there are some words in hebrew in it, as the family of tha main character is Jewish. I am not sure if that is also the case with the word "plotke", and therefore I'm asking you to help me. Is it hebrew? Or Yiddish? According to the context, it should be something like gossip, malicious rumour...
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
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    Not Hebrew. Plotke exists as last name of families from Yiddish-speaking communities. Written in Hebrew as פלוטקה, in Yiddish also פלוטקע or פלאטקע. I am not sure about the etymology, see this post: http://mendele.commons.yale.edu/2009/01/31/plotke-3/word. This (Hebrew) post http://www2.polskieradio.pl/eo/dokument.aspx?iid=69473 asserts the meaning as rumor.

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    Belgrade, Serbie
    serbe / Serbian
    Thanks a lot, origumi. :)
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    Old thread, but I figured I'd add some more information for anybody else who might see it.

    פלאטקע or פליאטקע is not simply a rumor, but often (perhaps always) has a negative connotation. The Harkavy dictionary gives the definition as "fib, story, lie, slander, intrigue."

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