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Hello... I have a tattoo on my back that is supposed to say Psalm 23, from the Bible (not the verse but the actual word "Psalms") in Yiddish but I have my doubts that it is 100% correct. I'm hoping that someone can give me a correct translation in Hebrew Yiddish characters!? Anyones help would be greatly appreciated :)
Thanks! The tattoo reads: פּלאַמס

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    Unfortunately, I don't think that is right. What you wrote is "plams". The closest Yiddish words to this that I know of are palme (palm tree), plombe (lead seal), and flam (flame).

    Please be aware that my Yiddish is not good enough to make recommendations for tattoos.

    I believe that in Yiddish, "Psalm 23" is "תהלים כג" (which is probably the same as Hebrew). The word "תהלים" means Psalms and "כג" is 23 written in Hebrew numerals.

    There is a translation of Psalm 23 in Yiddish at http://www.archive.org/stream/nybc210575#page/n32/mode/1up.

    But you should really check with somebody else and this should probably be in its own thread.
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