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I'm reading a play based on the book "Tuesdays with Morrie".
Morrie is an old Jewish teacher in Sociology and uses from time to time Yiddish expressions like:

"Mitch has a good brain. Shana cup. He was very good at writing, very good at sports."

which I will try to translate by:
Beautiful box

ou en français par:
"Mitch était intelligent. Une tête bien faite. Il était très bon en dissertation, très bon en sport."

Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Hello Lizamichael,
    Glad to see you back in "Other languages".
    I stumbled across this on-line glossary, which suggests "pretty" for shana.
    Example given : Eine shana maidel = a pretty girl. (Maidel sounds a little like the Alsacian màidele (petite fille) or màidle (fille).) :)
    However I guess in the context that doesn't really work.
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    Hello, l'Irlandais, heureuse de te re-croiser ici!

    I found the translation of "shana" on this site actually (that's why in French, the only translation that came to mind was "une tête bien faite"...)
    But I was wondering if anyone had more info about the "cup" part...

    To me, it sounded English of course but...
    To be followed then.
    Take care!


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    sheyne kop (in YIVO transliteration). Literally "Pretty head". This means 'a good head/a smart person/an intelligent one'
    Kop, meaning 'head', can be used as a word for 'person'.

    Please, if you have more questions on Yiddish, send me a note because I forget to check this 'other languages' very often.

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