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I am enquiring on behalf of a friend who came across an old family photo with a handwritten Yiddish script inscription on the back. Some of the lettering is stained and unclear and many of the letters are hard to identify. I have tried working out words letter by letter but have not been able to make many words that make sense. The Yiddish speakers I have shown it to have shied off after looking at it for a few minutes. I have attached a scan.

It would be very useful to have a transliteration as well as a translation of the text if possible.


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    I've taken the liberty of sending a copy of your jpeg to my aged father, whose first language is Yiddish. I notice that one of the names in Latin characters at the bottom is Pedro, which makes me think the text could be in Ladino. Are you sure it's in Yiddish?

    Anyway, I'll post any response I get here. Unfortunately I my father won't be able to transcribe it into Hebrew characters because he doesn't know how to type them, but if he can read it, I'll try to get it transcribed in the next couple of months.

    My father was only able to make out a few words, all of which were minor, connecting words, but they were Yiddish. He said the handwriting was very poor.
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