Yiddish: verklept

  • Henryk

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    The word looks similar to the German "verklebt" which means "sticky". I might be totally off, though.


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    I thought it might be "verklempt" which is one of the Yiddish words that are well-known and (at least when used in English) means something like "overcome with emotion" or "extremely emotional." A Yiddish dictionary at http://www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com/ gives a similar definition if you choose "type a Yiddish word using English letters" and enter "verklempt" or "ferklempt."


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    Thank you Henryk and modus.irrealis. It may be a case of 'mistaken identity'. I wonder if 'verklept' /ferklept ' exists? BEST WISHES FROM CHAYA
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