Yiddish: Warf die katz wie du willst bleibt si als steyn auf di fis

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Please help me with the correct notation (in the Jewish script) of two Yiddish proverbs I heard from my grandmother when I was a kid. I never learned to read or write Yiddish or Hebrew, but my grandparents spoke Yiddish, so I can remember some words and phrases. Among them, there are two proverbs that I need to write down now:
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  • Warf die katz wie du willst bleibt si als steyn auf di fis.
If you want to help me, please, type the correct notation as plain text in Jewish script, not as an image. I am not able to re-type Jewish letters from an image, so I need a text that I can select, copy and paste elsewhere.
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  • Brautryðjandinn í Úlfsham

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    Hello!/Shulem Aleichem!
    Here is how I would spell it using the "Yivo" orthography: וואַרף די קאַץ ווי דו ווילסט בלײַבט זי אַלץ שטיין אויף די פֿיס
    And here is how I would spell it using the orthography used in Hasidic communication:
    ווארף די קאץ ווי דו ווילסט בלייבט זי אלץ שטיין אויף די פיס
    (Transliteration of both sentences: varf di kats vi du vilst blaybt zi alts shteyn oyf di fis)
    Bye/Zay gezint!


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    My dad transliterated this as follows:

    .ווארוו די קאצ ווי דו ווילסט בלאיבט זי אלם שטאין אף די פים

    He warned me that while he can read Yiddish, his spelling is erratic, so you should go with Brautry's suggestion. The saying means, loosely, "A cat lands on its feet." More literally, it's "Wherever you throw the cat, it will land on its feet."
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