yield rate/percentage or conversion rate


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While translating a survey report into English, I encountered a Japanese term that I had never heard before. It's an industry term and a couple of dictionaries I've checked say that it's called "yield rate" or "yield percentage" in English.

Below is how the Japanese term (whose English translation is "yield rate/percentage") is used in the report.

80% of the respondents in this survey said they had heard of brand X.
Only 40% of them said they had bought the brand.
In short, only half of those who had heard of the brand had bought it. This means
the yield rate/percentage is only 50%, and it should be improved (should be much higher).

Now, I have a feeling that the report writer used the wrong industry term. In fact, he or someone else used an English abbreviation "CVR" in a table showing these rates or percentages, and according to a website listing abbreviations "CVR" stands for "conversion rate".

So, should the purple text above be
"the conversion rate is only 50%"?
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