yielding hydraulic system

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lilly jo

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Hello everyone.

I’m Reading Asimov’s The Naked Sun and I’m having difficulty understanding this: "yielding hydraulic system". Here is the entire fragment:

(Elijah Baley is in a spaceship.)
“There was the push backward against webbing and a yielding hydraulic system, a distant rumble of force-jets heated to fury by the proton micro-pile”.

Thank you,
lilly jo
  • lucas-sp

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    It would be a "hydraulic system" ( = "system that manages hydraulics") that "yields" under pressure. All the words have their typical dictionary definitions.


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    In simple words hydraulic systems are machines that transmit power. The basic hydraulic system design is such that when a certain amount of force is applied at one end of the system the power get transmitted to the other end using a in-compressible liquid. For more information you can log on to the page Basic Hydraulics in the site rushhydraulic.ca/ (Rush Hydraulic Pneumatic Inc Ontario).
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