Yo nunca dije que estabas feo era broma espero

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  1. estudiante a espanol New Member

    que significa "YO NUNCA DIJE Q ESTAVAS FEO ERA UNA BROMA ESPERO Y SE LA PASASTE A ALGUIEN MAS CUIDATE OK" en Ingles.Transitivo por favor. Gracias.
  2. rockleo Member

    that sentence was written by a monkey, even a monkey writes too much better.

    she/he didn't said that you were ugly, it's was just a joke
  3. Jeromed Banned

    USA, English
    I never said you looked ugly it was a joke I hope you passed it on to someone else take care OK

    (with the same lack of punctuation).
  4. Bilbo Baggins

    Bilbo Baggins Senior Member

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    American English
    This is a denial of statement. Shouldn't estar be in the subjunctive?

    No dije que estuvieras feo....
    Yo nunca dije que estuvieras feo...

    And shouldn't it be ser?

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