yo podia sentir comer boca de la chica

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  1. panda007 Member

    Come se dice esta frase en ingles? Y que significa?

    yo podia sentir comer boca de la chica
  2. Linton

    Linton Senior Member

    Antes de nada habría que traducirla al español :p La frase carece de sentido.

  3. PawelBierut Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    For me, it doesn't make any sense.
  4. Carol_Thatter Senior Member

    Caballito, Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Castellano - Argentina
    "comerle la boca (a alguien)" means, at least here in Argentina, to kiss someone passionately. The literal translation would be "to eat (someone's) mouth.
    It's usual between teenagers and it's an informal expression, slang even.
    Now, I cannot quite figure out your sentence in Spanish as the verbs are not conjugated and it's not quite clear who is the one kissing the girl... Hope this helps though ;)
  5. PawelBierut Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    That was my supposition as well, but I have never heard such expression. Maybe because I have not had much in common with Argentinian Spanish.

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