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Judy Lemon

1) yo (pronoun) at web address: yo - Diccionario Inglés-Español

2) The example given is: yo no fui, and was translated as I didn't do it. I believe this is incorrect. Fui is the 1st person preterite form of ir (to go), so yo no fui would mean I didn't go.

Using the given English sentence I didn't do it, we'd translate that as (Yo) no lo hice.

Fui is also the 1st person preterite form of ser (to be). If using this interpretation, yo no fui would mean I was not. An example in this case might be no fui yo, meaning it wasn't me.

If the Spanish and English sentences are merely given as examples using yo/I and not directly translated, then my comments are a moot point.
  • fenixpollo

    Dictionary Editor
    American English
    Fui is the 1st persion preterite form of both ser and ir, so it can either mean "I went" or "I was", depending on the context. In this sentence, the usage is correct: yo no fui is translated as it wasn't me or I didn't do it.

    So the entry is correct, but we appreciate your input! :)
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