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Hi, Im trying to translate into spanish the description of some trousers, and they say:

" regular rise, button fly, crotch gusset & reverse back yoke"

Any one know? By the way, how would you translate rise there?

Thanks a lot!
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    Maybe you could help me to translate also "net skirt", I know what it is but cant find the word in Spanish.


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    I've made some research and I found this website: http://www.jeans-and-accessories.com/jeans-that-fit.html
    There are pics of different types of yokes but I've never hear any Spanish word for calling that.
    Net skirt is like a skirt for wearing another skirt then, isn't it? The only word I know is can-can.
    Sorry my English is not the best, but I'm trying.
    EDIT: Net skirt is the dancers skirt too, in that case is tutú. If net skirt means just a skirt made of net material, that net material is called tul.
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    A net skirt is like a Spanish frilled skirt made of net fabric.
    Regular rise refers to where the waist lies because you can have a low/high and regular rise waist.
    The rise is the distance from the crotch to the waistband. Tiro regular. ( EDIT: I see Littlewitch said this too)
    A yoke is like a dart (una pinza) in trousers that allows the contouring of the jeans for a close fit.


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    Your English is perfect :)

    I think I'll translate yoke like: "Costuras", it is not exactly that but it refers to the way the pockets and other details are embroidered.

    Can-can I think its fine ^_^


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    Estoy estudiando diseño de moda y es correcto, el canesú también se aplica a la parte de detrás de algunos pantalones que tienen esa parte como un corte con costura.


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    Hola... yoke puede tener varios significados, como almilla, corte en la parte superior de las camisas o cotilla corte en la parte trasera de un pantalon...
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