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    Hello, here I am again with another question. Kono shashin ni utsutte iru hito ni wa dokoka de atte iru yô na ki ga shimasu. As for the person who appears in this picture, perhaps I already met him somewhere . I understand the grammar of the sentence up to atte iru. Can anybody explain the grammar points in yō na ki ga shimasu? Thank you
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    ~ような気がする can be rendered in several ways in English, it's mainly used to express a feeling like a hunch or a certain mood. There it says ''I think we've met before'' or ''I feel as if we've met before''. if you write the ~たい form plus that structure it means ''I feel like + ing''. :)

    Hope this helps.
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    ~ような気がします is the polite form of ~ような気がする(ようなきがする/yō na ki ga suru).

    ●yō na ・・・ よう(様)な >> the conjugated form of the auxiliary verb ようだ >> http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/leaf/jn2/226613/m0u/様/
    ●ki ・・・ 気(き) >> a noun >> http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/leaf/je2/15273/m0u/気/ See #5
    ●ga ・・・ the case particle が
    ●suru ・・・する >> the verb "to do"

    The ~(ような)気がする here is similar to "~(ような)感じがする" "~(ように)思う", "I feel~" "I think~" "It seems to me like~"...
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    thanks a lot, friends

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