Yoruba: àgbálùm ọ̀ / agbalumo


Hello everyone,
this is a part of a story named "my sister the serial killer". the story contains some words in Yoruba language.
I couldn't find the meaning of "àgbálùm ọ̀" in Google.
here is the context:

I turn on my heel and make my way to room 313.
He is sucking on an àgbálùm ọ̀, sitting in one of the armchairs. Another nurse must have set him up there for a change of scenery. He smiles when I walk in.
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    If you search for àgbálùmọ̀ (one word) or, even better, agbalumo (without the diacritical marks), you will find the answer ;)

    In English, it is called African star apple.