"You are a a great assistant." "Don't mention it."

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Is "Don't mention it." only used when someone says "thank you" to mean "Not at all."?

Can it be said as "I know." in a humorous way?

You do an excellent job as an assistant.

A: "You are a a great assistant."
B: "Don't mention it."

Would it make a difference if A was your boss or your co-worker(not your boss)?

Thank you.
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    It means "you're welcome" or "not at all". Since it literally means please don't speak of this again, it can be used in a humorous way, but 99% of the time it means "not at all". It makes no difference who is doing the thanking.


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    This is most often used as a response when someone offers thanks.

    If someone said, "You are a great assistant." and you replied, "I know." that may or may not be seen as amusing. You would want to know the person well enough beforehand to be sure he or she would understand that you meant it humorously.


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    I often encounter compliments and there are times that I am confused as to how I will answer back. I don't usually use "don't mention it". To me, it's seems a rather pompous way. A simple "thank you" would suffice.
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