You are a sight for sore eyes


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Hi There!

My question related this phrase is: Can I use this phrase when I feel great to see a friend or a relative?

I want to add that I'm living in Miami Florida, I'd like to know if is it common at least in Florida this phrase.

Thank you for all your help.
  • Sparky Malarky

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    This is a very common expression. As far as I know it is used everywhere. Your suggestion shows that you understand exactly how it is used.


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    Maybe this is a personal thing, but I've always understood this phrase as referring to something/someone you are very pleased to see because you needed it/them for some reason. Not just being generally pleased to see someone. Like if you were lost on a mountain and you found a person with a map, they would be a sight for sore eyes, or if you were really hungry and went inside and saw a big dinner all ready, that would be a sight for sore eyes. Like it's a relief in some way to see something.

    I might be working with an overly-specialised definition, though. I'm also not American.

    Edit: Never mind, looks like I was using an overly-specialised definition.
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    Ann O'Rack

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    It's also an expression I wouldn't expect to hear from young lips - it sounds like something an older person would say. (Imagine going to visit your granny, this is the sort of thing she'd say if she was happy to see you.)


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    When I hear someone say this, I think that they usually have a definite relationship, such as a relative or significant other. I would not say this to a friend, but I may to a relative.
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