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Discussion in 'English Only' started by grammer, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. grammer Senior Member

    I was watching a film & at the end the girl had to leave the boy. So she said "you are always in my mind". Then the boy said "you are always on my mind".

    1. you are always in my mind
    2. you are always on my mind

    Which one is correct ?

  2. Suspishio

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    Neither is wrong. They have their own meanings according to the intent of the speaker which, being in a film I haven't seen, is difficult to specify.

    "On my mind" means (as I'm sure you know) that I'm thinking of you.

    "In my mind" goes deeper to an unspecified extent.
  3. Dimcl Senior Member

    British Columbia, Canada
    Canadian English
    Either one is correct, depending on context. "on my mind" means that he thinks of her often. "in my mind" probably means (in this context) that the girl not only thinks about him often but feels as though she has absorbed him into her mind.
  4. grammer Senior Member

  5. It s me New Member

    It depends on who says it? If it is a man, it is supposed to be " You are always on my mind", on the other hand if it is said by a female, it will be "You are always in my mind" automatically.:)

    P.S: Just meant to smile...
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  6. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

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    In what variety of English is this so?
    I have heard both men and women use the on form in American English. I have heard neither use the in form.
  7. timpeac

    timpeac Senior Member

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    Yes, I second this from a British English point of view.

    The only context that makes sense to me of "you are in my mind" is in a science-fiction way, where someone has penetrated the mind and thoughts of someone and is "exploring" their mind.
  8. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    In mind is fine without my (or any other possessive form) if the intended meaning is "remember": Keep/Bear this in mind!
  9. It s me New Member

    Not mine but google's or yahoo's
  10. mathman Senior Member

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    Well, there are about 10 times as many hits for "on" as opposed to "in." I think "in my mind" just sounds weird, and I can't recall ever hearing or reading it.
  11. sdgraham

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    Note that Always on my Mind was an extremely popular U.S. song recorded by various artists, male and female, and in different genres.
  12. Basil Ganglia

    Basil Ganglia Senior Member

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    "in my mind" is an often used expression indicating that one person is thinking of another person. It appears particularly in work situations, where someone might say, "I have someone in mind for that job".

    Returning to the original post, expressed in an intimate setting it would indicate that the speaker thinks of the person often and frequently; as an expression it implies to me something deeper than does "on my mind". Accordingly, in such a setting if I heard one person say "You're always in my mind" and the other person replied "You're always on my mind", my first reaction would be that the second person is trying to establish some psychological distance from the first person.

  13. grammer Senior Member

  14. timpeac

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    You're mixing up "in my mind" and "in mind" in that first paragraph. "In mind" is certainly fine, but "in my mind"? It sounds either like a slip from a native speaker for "on my mind" or perhaps a mistake from a foreign speaker (after all using "on" in "on my mind" is not very intuitive - so it would be an easy mistake to make). Reviewing the list of google hits this seems to be the general trend. As Cuchuflete asked - which variety of English standardly uses "in my mind"?
  15. Basil Ganglia

    Basil Ganglia Senior Member

    Bellevue, WA
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    You are correct - I was mixing up "in mind" and "in my mind".

    I have also heard "in my mind" used as slang to describe when someone is able to play mind games with another person. In this context it would be similar to "messing with my mind". And i readily concede that is a bit of slang, and not a standard usage.

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