you are always on my mind / in my heart

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    A friend of mine wants this tattoo in the memory of her grandma. I would appreciate your help with translating this into Latin:

    you are always on my mind (or in my heart, which is kind of the same idea)

    I have seen versions of "Semper in mente/corde meo", but she really wants it to include the "you are" part. How would one do that? Thank you in advance.
  2. Agró

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    Tu es semper in mente mea. (mens is feminine) corde meo.

    Yhere are surely more elegant ways of rendering this.
  3. Tu in pectore semper

    Literally: "You in breast always", but "my" and "are" are idiomatically implied.

    "In pectore" is a figurative device meaning "in the heart" in the emotional sense. Sometimes, when it would be politically dangerous for the pope to announce that he has created somebody a cardinal, he announces it later, after the danger has ended. He then says that he has for a long time held the candidate "cardinal[em] in pectore".
  4. mlapan New Member

    It would be helpful if you could suggest any such ways, thank you.
  5. dubitans Senior Member

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    You could always say Tui numquam obliviscar. I will never forget you.
    Tui semper memor [sum] but I'd leave out sum.
    If I'd lived 2,000 ys ago, I'd have gone for Tui semper memor ... ​I always think of you.

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