You are crazy! / That is crazy! / How crazy!

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  1. jenras2212 Member

    How would you say in Spanish.... (using the word loco)

    Here are my attempts...
    -"You are crazy!" in a joking way. "Tu eres está loco!"
    -"That is crazy!" as in something is unbelievable or is weird. "Eso está loco!"
    -"How crazy!" to respond to something unbelievable
    someone said or that you heard. "Cómo loco!"
  2. ive

    ive Member

    Xalapa Veracruz
    Español Mexico, City
    Hi, i would say:

    -"You are crazy!"..."-¡Estás loco!"
    -"That is crazy!"...¡Eso está loco (i havent heard that expression as much as the others)
    -"How crazy!"...¡Qué loco!
  3. aztlaniano

    aztlaniano Senior Member

    Lavapiestán, Madrid
    English (Aztlán, US sector)
    For the second two, it woud sound more natural to me to use "locura".
    ¡Eso es una locura!
    ¡Qué locura!
  4. ive

    ive Member

    Xalapa Veracruz
    Español Mexico, City
    Yes, exactly! i agree with Aztlaniano

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