You are like a sister to me

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    Hi all!

    Thanks for reading this. One of my very closest friends is Japanese, and she is getting married soon. Her friends have organized a surprise for her... (a video collage) and I want to contribute. I know only a few words of Japanese. If you could please help me translate a few lines for me to record and send to her, I would be extremely grateful!

    One phrase is going to be odd because it is an inside joke; please bear with me. I know it would make her laugh.

    • please see the other thread.
    • You are like a sister to me. I am so happy for you both.

    I would really appreciate any help.

    Thanks all!
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    Japanese does not have a word for sister. We do have, however, words for "younger sister" and "elder sister." Which do you think better suits the bride in relation to you?

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