You are no longer men, that is bourgeois; you are items in the Soviet state


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The following is from a speech video of Oxford University(Episode Two, Christianity) by Dr Catherine Brown, talking about Lawrence:
(background: Lawrence made several of the standard criticism of the doctrine of reward in Heaven in his poem.……)

“……They say, 'We are saved but we are starving. He says, 'The sooner will you eat imaginary cake in the mansions of my father.' They say, 'Can't we have a loaf of common bread? Or Lenin says, 'You are saved,but you are saved wholesale=in large quanity, adv);you are no longer men, that is bourgeois; you are items in the Soviet state........' ”

The blue sentence is confusing to me. I take it to be:
you are no longer men, (because) you are all of the middle class(=that is bourgeois); you are goods(=items) in the Soviet contry(=Soviet state).

Could you tell me how to understand it please?
Thank you in advance
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    It means "You are no longer to think of yourselves as individual men; that concept is a concept of the 'bourgeois' class, which communism opposes and seeks to destroy. Instead, you are things that are component parts of a larger thing called the Soviet state."

    If you ask anyone who lived through the "Red Guard" period of the 1960s in China, they can tell you all about how being "bourgeois" was perceived in classical communist ideology.
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