You are so out.

  • Not in baseball. I heard a girl say "I am so in, you are so out". I don't know what she meant when she was saying this to some guy.
    It can be one of many things.

    1) She's so in fashion. She's so stylish. He's so out of fashion, he's not stylish at all.

    2) She's so ready to be in a relationship with him. He obviously doesn't like her.

    3) She knows something he doesn't. she's in on the secret, he's not.

    4) She knows what she's talking about/she maybe knows what he's like/feeling, he hasn't a clue what she's like/feeling.
    I got your point. Now I know she was referring to clothing and the fact that she's so fashion and he's not.

    "So" is often used as a superflous intensifier, at least in Californese. ;) "If I don't get home by midnight, I'm going to be so dead!"

    "I was so not into that whole 'look at me' thing..."

    "You are so busted!"