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  1. iluvmusic Member

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    How would I say in Spanish: "You are such a nice person!" ?

    I had "Eres una persona muy bueno." but I don't really want to say "good". I'm not sure what the word for nice is, some people have told be that it's bacan but other people have told me that bacan means something else.

  2. cacarulo

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    Buenos Aires, Argentina * Español
    Sos (o eres) una persona tan agradable.

    Bacán es una palabra coloquial que tiene diferentes significados, dependiendo del país. En Chile significa algo distinto de lo que significa en la ARgentina.
  3. onlycris89 Member

    Spain- Spanish
    Well, it depends on where you are. "Bacan" is used in Latin America. You don't use it in Spain. In Spain you would say: "¡Eres una persona tan amable!" or "¡Eres tan buena!" (you don't really need to say person if you don't want to)

    I hope this is helpful! Take care
  4. iluvmusic Member

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    the people I'm talking with are in Ecuador, if that helps with bacan.
  5. pecosita Senior Member

    Español de México
    Eres una persona muy agradable.
    Eres una persona a todo dar.

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