you are very beautiful + you have beautiful eyes… (+more)

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  1. kfullerton Member

    you are very beautiful.
    you have beautiful eyes.
    you are so beautiful when you smile.
    i love when you are smiling, you are so beautiful.
    my darling
    my sweetheart
    you are nice
    can you say some different words for beautiful?

    Can anyone translate these for me in spanish!
  2. Sallyb36

    Sallyb36 Senior Member

    Liverpool UK
    British UK
    eres muy guapa = you're very beautiful
    tienes ojos muy guapos = you've beautiful eyes
    mi cariño = my darling
    me encanta cuando sonreís eres tan guapa/hermosa = I love it when you are smiling, you are so beautiful
  3. crises

    crises Senior Member

    EU Spanish/Catalan
    you are very beautiful >> Eres muy guapa
    you have beautiful eyes >> Tienes unos ojos muy bonitos
    you are so beautiful when you smile. >> Estás muy guapa cuando sonríes
    i love when you are smiling, you are so beautiful. >> Me encanta cuando sonríes, te pones muy guapa.
    my darling >> Cariño
    my sweetheart >> Amor
    you are nice >> Eres un encanto.
  4. kfullerton Member

    Thanks Guys!
  5. kfullerton Member

    So how do I Tell a girl in spanish that I think she's hot/sexy?
  6. Yyrkoon

    Yyrkoon Senior Member

    Actually there are a lot of ways, it depends on if you want to be "rude" (direct) or you want to be more soft.
    Estas buenísima (pretty "rude" way)-->you are very hot
    Tienes un cuerpo precioso--> you have a wonderful body
    Eres como un ángel--> You are like an angel
    Te quiero petar el cacas -->I wanna f***k your ass :D
    and so on, if you want some sentence in concret just ask.
  7. kfullerton Member

    I need all the information I can get
  8. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Subtlety works wonders. If your eagerness is too much on their faces, instead of sparking their interest, they will be in a hurry to get away from you.
  9. kfullerton Member

    I'm listening! So subtlety it is! That certainly rules out some of the information i received!
  10. lezka Member

    Oxford, UK
    Spanish and Catalan, Spain
    Puedes decir simplemente "Eres muy sexy",
    como bien han dicho "Estás muy buena" puede sentar mal a algunas así que en lugar de eso solemos decir cosas como "Estás imponente" o "Estás impresionante" o "Estás tremenda" o "Estás increíble" que en el fondo viene a ser lo mismo.
    Tambien puedes decir "Eres muy atractiva"
    Otra para "you are beautiful", que a mi me gusta mucho es "Eres preciosa", tambien podrías usar "eres muy linda","eres muy bonita","eres muy hermosa","eres bellisima"
    Otra para "you are lovely" podría ser "Eres un cielo"

    Si necesitas más sólo tienes que decirlo.
  11. lauranazario

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    Puerto Rico
    Español puertorriqueño & US English
    Hi Kfullerton.

    You will notice I changed your thread's title (which used to read simply "how to chat up a Spanish girl" and therefore was too vague) to include some of the actual phrases you needed help with.

    From now on, please write down the actual phrase (or a specific term, when applicable) on the title of each new thread you open, as this
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    2) provides at-a-glance thread differentiation.

    Thanks in advance for your future cooperation in this regard. :thumbsup:

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  12. f0rkicks New Member

    English US
    a mexican friend of mine always calls me "corazon"...mostly when he wants something from me. But it still makes me happy. I would suggest (once you get to know a girl) calling her by a pet name in english. I don't know why, it just makes it better.

    (not because it's in english, but because it's in a different language than her native)
  13. lezka Member

    Oxford, UK
    Spanish and Catalan, Spain

    "Mi corazón"
    "Mi amor"
    "Cariño mío"
    "Mi Amor"
    "Amor mío"
    "Mi cielo"

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