You are [very warm] welcome in

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My dad just open his own business. One of the signs he has are the trading hours and along side it has the sentence 'You are very warm welcome in.'

Does it sound correct?

Or should it just be 'You are welcome in'
  • velisarius

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    No, they don't work I'm afraid.

    Since the store (?) has only just opened for business, I think this would be appropriate:

    Now open for business. Welcome!

    Edit: Welcome to the forum, by the way!:)


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    Welcome to the forum.

    'You are very warm welcome in.' :cross: This is grammatically incorrect.
    'You are welcome in.' :cross:
    'You are welcome inside.' :tick: But there's really no need to say this on a sign - it should be obvious that customers are welcome.

    Crossed with velisarius - whose suggestion is a good one.
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