You are warmly welcome


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Hi all,

Im new to this and i would like to ask if this phrase "You are warmly welcome" is appropriate to use as replacement for "you are welcome" when some one is saying (thank you.)

Please advise

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    Welcome to the forum, Blacklisted.

    "You are warmly welcome" is a bit odd-sounding. We would be more likely to say "You're very welcome" or "You're quite welcome."


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    I'd like to warmly welcome you to the forums. :)

    No, I don't think "you are warmly welcome" works as a response to "thank you". "You are very welcome" is possible, however. :)


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    I'd like to warmly welcome you to the forums. :)
    If I wanted to make that sentence passive, I would say: "You have been warmly welcomed to the forum." In other words, if "welcome" is a verb, it can be modified by the adverb "warmly."