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I have gathered a lot of synonyms for "you are welcome". Could you advise which of them are outdated, or rarely used nowadays and which of them or, maybe similar to them, can be used in business correspondence (for example, the customer is grateful to you and you need to say something back)?

You bet
You got it
Don't mention it
Of course
Sure / Sure thing
No problem
Not at all
Nothing of it / Think nothing of it / It’s nothing / It was nothing
It’s no bother
You'd do the same for me
(it’s) my pleasure / The pleasure is mine
it’s/that’s all right / That's alright / That's OK / That’s absolutely fine
By all means
I'm happy to help / I'm glad to help / I'm glad to be helpful
Forget it
No worries
No sweat
You're welcome / (Most) welcome / You are very welcome
Much obliged / I am very much obliged to you
Thank you for your business / We appreciate your business
Thank you for your custom / We appreciate your custom
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