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Is it common to say "you are welcome to do ..." in an advertisement?

For example, below is an ad for some articles, is it okay to use "you are welcome" in this context?
"These articles reveal mysteries in the Bible. You are welcome to read them."
  • Florentia52

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    There's nothing grammatically wrong with it, but I suspect it doesn't mean what you want it to mean. Are you trying to invite people to read the articles?


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    'You are welcome to read them' is grammatically fine, but as an ad, it's not very effective. It doesn't really encourage the reader to read the articles, it merely says you can read them if you like, or not - it's up to you.



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    As heypresto has said, it sounds as though you don't care whether the person reads the articles or not. If you need to use the word "welcome," then "We welcome you to read..." is a bit better.
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