You are well / you are keeping well

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  1. Marcewa Senior Member

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    I was wondering whether there is a difference between:" I hope you are well" and "I hope you are keeping well".

    Are both correct and does it mean exactly the same thing?


  2. Katemonster

    Katemonster Senior Member

    Yes, and yes.:)
  3. nishouille Member

    French (France)
    Probably a slight difference like in french : "j'espère que tu vas bien" and "j'espère que tu te porte bien".
  4. Mjollnir Member

    English, Canada
    The difference in meaning is so slight as to be nearly infinitesimal. However, "I hope you are doing well" is fairly general and could mean your health, your accomplishments or goals, or pretty much anything, whereas "I hope you are keeping well" is virtually always about your health.

    There is no need to bear these differences in mind, as the sentiment is virtually identical in both sentences.
  5. Marcewa Senior Member

    France / French
    Thanks a lot :)
  6. garonia Member

    Toulouse, France
    English (UK)
    To me, "I hope you are well" means that I hope you are well at that particular moment in time, whereas "I hope you are keeping well" covers a longer period of time - i.e. I hope that in general you are keeping well. Although "I hope you are well" could probably mean this too...

    Also, as a young-ish (26) BE speaker, I don't think I would ever use "I hope you are keeping well" (or "how are you keeping?" for that matter) - I have only really heard older people use it.

    hope this helps!
  7. Benjy

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    Milton Keynes, UK
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    I would use it (keeping well). Maybe I'm just not cool :D

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