You are yelling in my ear !

  • claro

    Hello Claude,

    Yes, you can say "you are yelling in my ear" - in fact, it sounds better to me that way than "you are shouting in my ear".


    James Stephens

    Senior Member
    English, USA
    May I suggest "losing" the ear? You are yelling at me. You are shouting at me (more formal). These expressions are much more commonly used around these parts, and we do yell at each other a lot.


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    English, United States
    I would use "in my ear" if the person were sitting very close and causing you pain in one ear when yelling, otherwise those words might not be needed, as James suggested.

    I use "yelling" to mean continual very loud talking.
    I use "shouting" to mean short bursts of very loud talking.
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