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A: My aunt snores very loud. When I told my parents about it, they didn't help me at all.
B: That sounds frustrating.
A: You bet it is.

- Does "you bet it is" in this context mean "you're right" or "I agree"?

Thanks so much!

  • Cypherpunk

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    Yes, I believe it is a shorter form of a phrase like 'you bet your sweet /butt/ it is'. In other words, you could safely wager a large sum on the statement being correct.
    Or, remember that it means 'Of course...'


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    It's not exactly the same, but both are emphatic statements of agreement. Sometimes, You can say that again is said after negative comments, to emphasize that a person's feelings are even stronger than they have stated. You bet it is tends to be used for affirmative agreement.

    A: Wow, that was the hardest test I've ever taken. I think I'm going to fail the class, now.
    B: You can say that again.

    A: I've heard that a math tutor is really expensive. Is it worth it?
    B: You bet it is! I thought I would fail the class, but my tutor helped me bring my grade up to an A.
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