You can't play on broken strings

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  1. Hello everyone.
    I'm translating the song "Broken strings" by James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado. I'm stuck on the sentence "You can't play on broken strings" in the following context:
    "You can't play on broken strings/
    You can't feel anything that your heart don't want to feel/
    I can't tell you something that ain't real"
    My attempt:"Non puoi giocare con i miei sentimenti feriti ???/
    Non puoi sentire qualcosa che il tuo cuore non vuole sentire/
    Non posso dirti qualcosa che non è vero".
    I want to point out that my attempt of translation (at least for the first sentence) is a bit "imaginative", so any suggestions/explanations will be VERY appreciated.
    Thanks in advantage for your valuable help

    EDIT: I don't think that "Non puoi giocare sulle corde spezzate/rotte" makes any sense here.
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    Isn't the original a bit of a double entendre in that broken strings could be strings of a musical instrument or of someone's heart? Is there any way to render that ambivalence in Italian?
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    I found a translation of the song starting from google (I cant't find it again, though; even searching the same string), it was:

    you can't play on broken strings <-> non puoi giocare con dei legami spezzati

    roughly meaning:

    our relationship is broken, it's useless to try and fix it / pretend we're still fine together
  4. Good question, AlabamaBoy. At the moment I have no idea if there's a way, but maybe others...
  5. london calling Senior Member

    Yes, that's what I thought as well!:) String-heartstring, broken heart/broken string....

    Peppe, secondo Google, si può parlare delle corde del cuore (heartstrings)...un cuore si può spezzare e (pare) anche la corda di uno strumento musicale.

    Non puoi suonare se le corde sono spezzate
    Non è possibile sentire una cosa che il cuore rifiuta di sentire
    Non posso raccontarti bugie/non posso parlarti di un sentimento che non è reale-che non esiste

    Food for thought, I'm sure you can do a lot better!:)
  6. You little ripper! Senior Member

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    Is this the one you were looking for, skyless?
  7. skyless_star Member

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    It was another page, but the translation seems to be the same. Since it was just to give Peppethelondoner a reference, as long as you were able to find a similar page I guess it's okay.
  8. Thanks to everyone for your help.

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