You could tell this guy had been around a bit by ...

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Who can tell me the exact meaning of "You could tell this guy had been around a bit by the knowing way he talked."
I understood the mean of this sentence are below, am I right , or not right?
1) the sentence express the talk manner of "this guy" is a bit specially. other can't communicate well with "this guy". e.g. a special habit of using word, a special rhmthm, etc.
2) the person who said this sentence has hated to communicate with "this guy".
Acually, I am able to understance the usage concerning "be around" and "a bit by"
Would who like to teach me?
Thank advance.
  • e2efour

    Senior Member
    UK English
    All it means is that he knew what he was talking about, i.e. was knowledgeable (perhaps about several subjects). Is has nothing to do with his accent or speech patterns.
    He could, in fact, be an uneducated person. What is important is his familiarity with the subject matter.
    We sometimes say of someone "He knows a thing or two", which would fit here.
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