you didn't fill some quota to get it

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From series<Little fires everywhere>,
Alexandra got in Yale. Her mom's making a toast.
All the SAT tutors, the AP classes, the-the summer at Wellesley. You really worked your tail off for this. And no one handed it to you, and you didn't fill some quota to get it.
What does fill some quota mean here?
Thank you.
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    You didn’t get it simply because you fitted into a particular minority category in which there was a quota – i.e. a minimum number of people in that category who had to be allowed into Yale. You got it by working hard, not by default.


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    I also think that the mention of some quota (instead of a quota) suggests that it is not desirable to set quotas for the sake of positive discrimination/affirmative action.

    For example, "Nor can it be particularly pleasant to know that you were chosen not for your actual skills and abilities, but because you were the “right” colour, race or sex to fill some quota somewhere."
    (How is it affirmative? | New Scientist)
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