you don't get jerked out of your life overnight


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It's the movie "Manchester by the sea".
Uncle is talking to his nephew whose father has just died.
Prior to this, nephew had some panic attack because he doesn't want the body of his father to be kept in a freezer until spring.
The winter makes the burial impossible.
Anyway, uncle says to his nephew,
"We can stay here until your school lets out.
That'll give me time to set things up in Boston better.
Maybe you can do some stuff with George in the summer
if you want, and you don't get jerked out of your life overnight."

So, this is my problem "jerked out of your life".
What could be the possible meaning of this?
"You don't lose control of your life", "you don't get panic attacks".
Something like this?
Thank you
  • boozer

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    I take it to mean exactly what it says: he does not need to adjust to a whole new life elsewhere overnight - new school, new home, friends, etc. He does not need to suddenly quit all he is used to.
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