You don't have the sense God gave a Donkey

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Hello. How do you ynderstand "You don't have the sense God gave a Donkey", please?

"You don't have the sense God gave a Donkey" and slightly crude, but always funny "He's isn't the shiniest peanut in the turd".

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>So, people who don't have the sense God gave a donkey can say things like
>"Look at how snooty I am, I make fun of people who use the word Celtic
>my understanding of English syntax and semantics and Irish music transcends
>yours," "Abell whistles sound like farts and suck no matter who plays

Why do we have to put up with reading garbage like this. Can't the list
owners do something about folks like this that have nothing to add to the
the information sharing except for the venting of some kind of personal

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  • JulianStuart

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    How much sense do you think a donkey has? The implication is that it's not very much and the person being referred to has even less. So the person is not very smart.


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    A donkey isn't considered a very sensible or intelligent animal (other animals can be substituted for donkey), and in this context the speaker is comparing the person he/she is talking to to a stupid animal, saying that he has no more common sense or intelligence than a dumb animal has.
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