You got it next time!


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I don't understand the grammar here. I saw this several times when one tries to comfort a friend after a failed exam saying: "You got it next time." Why it is "you got it" and not "you'll get it?"
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    Why it is "you got it" and not "you'll get it?"
    People sometimes use loose, sloppy expressions in their remarks. This happens fairly often when speakers are not thinking carefully about how they express their ideas.

    You obviously understand what You got it next time was intended to mean: You got it next time = You've got it next time = You'll get it next time = You will pass the exam the next time that you take an exam.

    Your version, You'll get it next time, is much better than You got it next time.
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    It's very common in informal speech to use the present to refer to things that are fated to happen in the future:

    I didn't make it this time, but next time I'm in!