You have succesfully upgraded to Premium!

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  1. Congming New Member

    I am working on an App and trying to make it available in Korean. If there are any kind people out there who could help me out, I wonder how to say the following in Korean:

    You have succesfully upgraded to Premium!

    Any help is greatly appreciated! If you do provide an answer, please give a short description of the grammar/structure of the phrase(s), if you can.
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  2. Is it a grade of the customer on the website?

    you have successfully upgraded to Premium. 프리미엄으로 등업되었습니다.

    or 프리미엄으로 등업되신 것을 축하합니다.(congratulations to become a premium grade)
  3. jakartaman Senior Member

    In case you want to know what 등업 is, it's 등(등급, grade) + 업(up), which means upgrade. It's a newly created word by Internet users that combined a part of Korean word and a part of English word. 등업되다 is to be upgraded. 프리미엄으로 등업되었습니다 is You've been upgraded to Premium.

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