You just dropped me off

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by missbru, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. missbru New Member

    "You just dropped me off" nel caso specifico di una comunicazione virtuale (es. Skype) potrebbe significare hai appena staccato la conversazione o qualcosa di simile? Help me please!!!
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    Ciao Missbru, and welcome to the Forum! :)
    Was the person talking a native English speaker, or of a different nationality? This almost sounds like a translation from another language, as I can't imagine saying it quite that way. I THINK the person wanted to say something like "hai lasciato cadere la linea mentre parlavi con me" but more context is needed. Normally "to drop somebody off" means "lasciare qualcuno da qualche parte" (nel senso di "dare un passaggio a qualcuno" o "accompagnare qualcuno da qualche parte").
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    I agree with curiosone. In English, we sometimes say "a call was dropped," meaning, "la linea si e' caduta", but would not ever say "You dropped me." We MIGHT say "You cut me off," but that typically means, "Mi hai interrotto." We typically blame "dropped calls" on the line, so we'd say, "It cut me off," but only very rarely would say, "You cut me off" (which would indicate we have some reason to blame the person with whom we were speaking)
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    It sounds American to me. When bike riding, if someone wants to slow down, he might say "I'm dropping off"or "You are dropping me off" to let me know that I should not wait for him.

    On Skype or on a video conference call, if someone gets disconnected involuntarily (even if accidentally by the network) he will say "you dropped me" or "you dropped me off (the call)." This is very recent usage as far as I can tell.

    Direi di sì. Però, non vuol dire che hai fatto qualcosa con l'inteso di staccarla. Quindi, "la conversazione è stata interrotta" mi sembra più preciso.

    I agree that this is not a polite way to say it, but it is very short and to the point. It would only said to a person who understands that he is not to blame for the interruption.

    PS The "off" part is usually used when there are more than just two parties involved. It usually implies that everyone else continued as usual, while one party was dropped from the activity in question.
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  5. missbru New Member

    Thank you senior members, siete stati tutti puntuali e precisi nel rispondermi...questo confronto è assolutamente prezioso!

    Grazie mille :)
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  6. london calling Senior Member

    Una cosa è sicura: non è BE.;) To drop someone off significa tutt'altro per noi.:) Missbru, di dov'è la persona con cui parlavi?.:)
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  8. missbru New Member

    America! thank U London calling
  9. AlabamaBoy

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    Agreed. In AE, we usually use "dropped me off" to mean that you brought me to a location in a vehicle and let me out of the vehicle without parking the vehicle or going to the final destination with me. Such as: "Because we were running short on time, John dropped me off at the airline terminal." The context of the OP is quite different, and we have a different meaning, which evidently is not used in the UK. A well-known American celebrity has the tagline name of: Pikup Andropov, making a pun of this usage.

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