You know my view of pop psychiatry.

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Hi, I cannot understand the meaning of the red part of the following sentences, from the first episode of the first season of Frasier TV show. Is "pop" is adjective or noun here? Would you please help?

- Frasier: You know how it is when people go on about their mundane lives.
- His brother: Touché. And on that subject, I heard your show today.
- Frasier: And?
- His brother: You know my view of pop psychiatry.
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    "Pop" is short for "popularised" -- as in psychiatrically based or psychiatrically inspired advice given to callers on live radio (Frasier's radio show). Niles (Frasier's brother) views this as lowering the standards of psychiatry.

    "Pop psychiatry" more generally could be any type of self-help books or TV etc that presents such ideas in a diluted form.

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    pop -> popular/popularised, usually in the sense of "made simple so that people can understand it."
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