'You know that I ve been up and ive been down I ve been pick


Lyrics' clips from "Where you wanted to be" by Darren hayes,you can see also here http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/darrenhayes/whereyouwanttobe.html

Were it a love song or not ,I am not that sure, because I felt it contains much more meaning than a love song usually has.

You know that I ve been up and ive been down I ve been picked up and spun around I d do it all again if iI could just have somebody to hold now
I just need somebody to hold now Could somebody hold me now?I just want somebody to hold me now I'd do it all again​
  • EStjarn

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    I wonder the meaning in red...
    Here's one interpretation: To be up and to be down can refer to emotional states; when you're up, you're basically happy, and when you're down, you're basically sad. To be picked up can refer to, for example, what happens emotionally to you when you meet someone and fall in love after a period of loneliness. And to be spun around can refer to the emotions you experience while being in love with that someone.
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