"you love blow and I love puff"


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I don't know the meaning of this sentence from the song "Back to black" by Amy Winehouse.
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    Yeah, like the song "Puff the magic dragon", which is “believed by many to refer to smoking marijuana, due to references to paper, dragon ("draggin'"), puff (smoke).


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    " I love you much
    It's not enough
    You love blow, and I love puff
    And life is like a pipe
    And I'm a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside"

    You are ALL wrong in my opinion. Blow is obv cocaine but puff is also known as crack smoking. And since she quotes " her life is like a pipe, im a tiny penny rolling up the walls inside" in my eyes means (since she Unfortunetly used to smoke crack...) that it's a crack pipe and the tiny penny rolling up the walls of the pipe is the teardrop/dark circles you get when you take hits of the crack and leaves a liquid down the side of the glass pipe. Then obv you take a pencil or sharp metal to push the char boy up and down the pipe untill you get a "freebie residue" hit which sometimes is even better than the actual crack hits.